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Gerry Morand began his online business as a way to develop income for retirement. After saving a percentage of his salary for over 25 years in various RRSP's, he realized that he had not accumulated anywhere near the amount required for retirement. Due to market fluctuations and management fees, the total value of his investments had not grown with compounding interest but barely matched what was invested dollar for dollar. He founded the internet marketing site Starting Over 50 as a way to build residual income to support his retirement. At the site, we teach average people how to make extra income online by simply blogging and sharing links in social media! If you are interested in learning more, please visit

Could building self confidence benefit you?

How many times have you let a good idea slip through your fingertips?

When we haven’t been building self-confidence properly, it is hard to see the value in our ideas.

We under-value something because we don’t believe enough in our own abilities.

We feel that if we have come up with this idea, many others must have as well.

Don’t fall into this trap of devaluing your ideas.

Follow through with them and share them with others.

You never know what you may accomplish!

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Take determined steps each day to achieve success in life

In most cases, success in life does not just appear over night.

When we look into the history of those dubbed “overnight successes“, you see that they have been working away for years to hone their skills in the background.

Just as every journey is made up of thousands, and sometimes millions, of steps, so is the path to success.

By determining what you want and doing whatever you can each day to bring you closer to your goal, you will make progress by reaching different milestones regularly.

In time, you will be able to look back and see that all those small victories along the way is what brought you the success in your life you deserve.

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Do you have the courage to be your true self

For so many of us, our adult lives are shaped when we are young.

We see what the adults around us are doing and emulate them into our own adulthood.

But unlike the ugly ducklings, we are not fated to grow into a likeness of our parents.

We have the free will to become whatever we want to be when we grow up.

It is never too late to change the course of your life and start being who you truly are.

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Do you do what makes you happy

At some point in time, the word “work” became confused with the words “toil” and “misery”.

Your job does not have to be something you dislike doing.

You should be able to earn your wages doing something that brings you pleasure and fulfillment.

If your current position does not meet these criteria, what are you doing to change the situation?

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What have your critics done lately

You will always have critics giving you negative reviews on your work.

It is easier to find fault in something than it is to see the value.

When you do get bad reviews, look at the source and determine if it is worth listening to.

If the the person panning your work has not achieved the success you are after, don’t pay any heed to their heckles.

Carry on and keep working as best as you can toward your goals.

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How much will you do for freedom

It is not enough to do one thing then expect to have all your dreams come true.

If you truly wish to change your life and gain your freedom, you must perform tasks on a daily basis.

You must keep an eye on what you do and adjust to stay in tune with the changing world around you.

Never give up on your dreams because of the time it will take to reach them, the time will pass whether you are using it wisely or not.

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Liszt quote

Are you taking advantage of opportunities or taking risks?

There is little difference between risk taking and seeking opportunity

When chances are presented to us we can view them as either opportunities or risks.

You can look at all the rewards you will receive from a successful outcome.

Or you can look at all the potential costs incurred if the outcome is not favorable.

It all depends on your state of mind.

You can be optimistic and look at the good outcomes or pessimistic and linger on the unfavorable ones..

One thing is for certain though, if you never take any risks you will never receive any rewards!

Simon quote

Most of the great breakthroughs in life are achieved by people doing something new or in a different way.

The action is taken even though there is a feeling of dread or uncertainty in the mind.

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Choose the flavors you prefer

Do you like to try new foods?

Have you ever tasted something that you thought you wouldn’t like that ended up being one of your favorite dishes?

Everyone has different tastes, whether it be food or fashion or activities.

So try as many things as you can to determine if they suit your tastes.

At the very least, you will know that it is not for you and you can avoid it in the future.

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Do you choose with your heart or your mind?

When making purchases, most people’s rational thoughts fly out of the window.

Emotions play a much more dominant role than reason.

People purchase things based on how they feel about them more than by how useful or reliable the item may be.

Next time you are about to make a purchase, take a moment to ask yourself the motive behind the purchase.

You may be surprised!

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