Could building self confidence benefit you?

How many times have you let a good idea slip through your fingertips?

When we haven’t been building self-confidence properly, it is hard to see the value in our ideas.

We under-value something because we don’t believe enough in our own abilities.

We feel that if we have come up with this idea, many others must have as well.

Don’t fall into this trap of devaluing your ideas.

Follow through with them and share them with others.

You never know what you may accomplish!

We were all born with plenty of self-confidence

Many things we do require that we build the self-confidence to believe in our ability to do them before we will get started.

But this was not always the case!

Think back to when you were a child (or if you can’t remember that far back, just observe a child near you) and how you just did things whether you knew how to or not.

A child will start taking steps, and before you know it, will be running around the house.

Taking on these abilities requires that we believe in ourselves and do them without any thought of failure.

So as a child, you had plenty of self-confidence. When did it slip from your consciousness?

Most likely it was when you became old enough to care about what your peers thought of your actions.

You did not want to look foolish in front of them so you decided not to do things that you felt you hadn’t mastered.

This approach to things became so ingrained that you followed it in practically all that you did from that point forward.

The importance of building self-confidence

Now that you have lost your self-confidence, does this mean you will never be able to regain it?

Fortunately for you this is not the case!

This is something that you can rebuild over time by following the proper steps.

In the third chapter of his book “Think and Grow Rich”, Napoleon Hill provides a self-confidence formula he suggests reciting several times a day.think and grow rich cover

You can get a free PDF version of the book by clicking the image to the right:

The self-confidence formula is on page 45 of this version of the book.

By following the guidelines provided, you can convince yourself to be more daring and believe in your abilities.

You will then be able to take action and do the things that may have been holding you back from achieving success.

You will be able to speak your mind with more confidence and let others see your true potential.

Which one of your ideas are you under-rating?

We may come up with an idea that is OK for our purposes, but not really great.

But this same idea, when viewed from another perspective, or used to solve some other issue, could be ground breaking!

We sometimes miss out on opportunities because we keep our visions too narrow.

This can often come about if we haven’t enough self-confidence to believe in our abilities.

Don’t let this happen to you!

Build your self-confidence and get your ideas out there to anyone who will listen.

You never know what you may accomplish!

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