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Will You Overcome Difficulties?

The things we do in life are more like marathons than sprints.

You need to have endurance to keep moving ahead no matter how many difficulties you run into along the way.

See some advice on overcoming difficulties in the following video:

Be Persistent to Outlast and Overcome Adversities

Don’t give up, stick with your plans and overcome adversities! Continue reading

stay true to your dreams

Will you stay true to your dreams

It is so easy to get sidetracked with all the information we are bombarded with on a daily basis.

There is always someone telling you about the latest and greatest version of something on a daily basis.

So many people go chasing after these shiny objects that get dangled in front them every day and never finish their original plan.

Don’t fall into this trap, stick to your original plans and see them through to completion.

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Have you reached 10,000 hours yet

Has this ever happened to you?

If you’re a golfer you can relate to this:

  • Your shot lands in the bunker next to the green.
  • You hit out too hard and it lands in the bunker on the other side.
  • You hit the next shot too soft and it stays in the bunker.
  • Need I continue?

I was watching the Masters golf tournament, and the pros make the bunker shots look easy.

They routinely pitch the ball out of an 8 foot deep bunker and land the shot to within 2 feet of the hole.

What you don’t see is the preparation that makes this feat possible. Continue reading

Do you sometimes feel like a rat in a maze?

How are you navigating life’s journey?

You often hear life described as a rat race. I find it is more like one of those rats in a lab experiment maze.

There are all these turns you must take to get through to the end.

Some go to dead ends, others just go around in a continuous loop.

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Follow-up to Gain Success in Your Online Business

The Cash is in the Follow-up

It is not very often that a sale is made on the first visit.

To see what I mean, go to your local mall and do some research.

Sit outside any store with a single entrance, so you can track the people going in and out of the store.

Note how many people go into the store and leave empty handed.

Compare this number to the amount that leave with a purchase.

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3 Tips to Improve Concentration

How to Improve Concentration Daily

We all have different distractions to contend with in our lives.

Some are easier to ignore than others.

But if you put the proper effort into planning your activities, you can improve your concentration and focus on any task you must perform.

Improve Concentration

Focus your efforts on each task you tackle. Continue reading

Discover how to Become a Leader in any Niche

Develop Your Knowledge to Become a Leader

No matter what field you are interested in, someone has written a book about it at some time.

One of the best ways to learn about any subject is to read about it.

You don’t even need to find a copy of the book anymore.

Most books have an e-book version you can read right on your computer or many other handheld devices.

So if you want to get  ahead in any area, start reading all you can about the subject.

Before long you will know more than most people and can be considered an expert on it!


Read something informative each day to take advantage of all of the information available to you in books. Continue reading

Taking Action is the Key to YOUR Future

Will taking action be the key to your success?

Do you ever get caught up in learning all that you can about something before actually doing it?

You know, you read a couple of books, watch some videos then hear about some online course you can take and start on that, without ever really doing anything?

These are symptoms of what is referred to as “analysis paralysis“.

You get so caught up in learning and understanding something that you never get moving on actually doing it.

Don’t get caught in this trap!

Start implementing what you learn today.

Taking Action

Take action and keep moving forward toward your goal.

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positive thoughts

think positive thoughts in YOUR daily routine

Positive Thoughts can Lead to Positive Outcomes

We have a tendency to look at the negative more closely than the positive.

When things are going wrong, we have no problem at all giving all of the reasons for our difficulties.

But when asked to give a possible solution, we tend to draw a blank.

You should practice looking for solutions first whenever a setback occurs instead of analyzing why it happened.

You can always go back and analyze after you are back on track.

positive thoughts


Accentuate the positive and you will find more solutions and less problems

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How are you at visualizing your ideal outcome

Visualizing positive outcomes takes effort

People tend to have a stronger tendency toward seeing the negative side of things.

When you mention an opportunity to them, they see all of the pitfalls and know of some story of doom associated with it.

You should work on seeing the positive side of things instead.

Picture the best possible outcome whenever an opportunity presents itself.

By doing this you will start to see ways of achieving success instead of failure in all of your pursuits.


Always endeavour to visualize the best case scenario in all of your pursuits Continue reading