How are your communication skills?

When you hold a conversation, do you do most of the talking?

Some people tend to ramble on when in a conversation.

They barely give the other person a chance to get a word in.

Don’t be one of these people.

Ask others questions that truly interest you and listen intently to their replies.

You may be surprised just how much you will learn and get to understand others.


How are your communication skills?

If you are engaging with customers, this is a vital skill to develop.

You have to be able to get to the root of their issues to give them a viable alternative that will solve them.

Most people will just give a superficial reason when first asked their motives.

You have to listen to their tone and inflection to get a feeling for what lies underneath.

Then ask more probing questions that will allow you to dig deeper and get to what they truly desire.

Once you have determined their true needs, you can go about providing a solution that they will be happy with.

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