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Making Offers People Can’t Refuse

Most people like to get a good bargain when purchasing something.

You will often hear people describing something they purchased by telling about how little they paid for it by wrangling a good deal. Or how they got the seller to throw in a bunch of extras to make the final product worth more.

Another method that has been around for decades is to throw in an extra bonus item when the purchase is made.

Years ago, people would send in box tops, or some other form of proof of purchase, to the vendor to get their bonus item.

Other products, would insert a surprise gift in the product packaging that the buyer would find after opening it.

Either way, these extra enticements sold more products for the vendor allowing them to outsell their competitors.

Cracker Jack

If you want to learn more about the history of advertising offers, check out this Under The Influence podcast:  A Prize In Every Box: Box-Tops, Toys and Free Prizes

What makes up an irresistible offer today?

Nowadays you can find offers for just about anything online.

Doing a google search usually brings up several sellers for the same item.

What sets them apart are the extras they attach to entice the buyers.

Most people look for the seller with the bonuses they deem to be most valuable attached to their offer once they decide to purchase something online.

As a seller, you want to be able to add the right bonuses to attract customers to your deal.

How to make your offers irresistible

If want an easy way to get bonuses added to your offers, check this out:

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With this you will be able to add several bonuses to any offer you make in minutes flat (and when you see the bonuses, you will want to use them yourself).

To make the offer even more tempting, you can grab some great freebies at the bottom of the page.

So click the link here to go and check out the offer and see for yourself all the great products and software available.

Start using this today to get a leg up on the competition and increase your sales in 2019.

To your success,

Gerry Morand
Prosperity Engineer

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