Is your life defined by the job you hold?

In today’s world, people tend to be defined by their occupation.

In news stories or even on game shows, people are introduced by their names followed by their job titles.

This seems strange to me considering that the majority of people say they are unhappy with the job they are in and dread going to work each day.

Not only are we labeled by the position we hold at work, but the only real goals we have in life are usually centered around the work we do as well.

Do you depend on your career to provide direction to your life?

Many people look toward their career to fulfill their life’s meaning.

This is understandable considering the amount of time you have to put in with schooling, commuting and working extra hours to get any worthwhile job these days.

You expect to get more than just a paycheck back after all that time and effort you put forth.

Unfortunately, in today’s corporate world, there is very little security associated with jobs anymore.

When their job suddenly disappears, this can leave those people feeling depressed and as if they have no direction in life.

I know how this feels. I was downsized from two jobs in row!

I had spent many nights and weekends putting in extra hours when requested by my superiors.

But my dedication to these companies didn’t win me any loyalty from them. It only caused me to lose valuable family time.

Looking at goals from a different perspective


I realized that the goals I had been setting were all out of perspective.

When I was working at various companies, my goals were always geared toward making the company more money.

It didn’t really matter if I was interested in the project at hand, only if it was right for the company’s well being.

I wasn’t setting them with my own desires in mind. I was only choosing those that society said I should want.

For instance, I set the highest value on time I get to spend traveling with my family, yet I was setting goals that would mean more time at work and less with my family.

Look at how you are setting your goals and determine if you are working toward what you want.

You should set goals that bring you happiness and satisfaction.

Do you really want that promotion to a higher level in your company that will require you to work even longer hours every week?

Or would you rather develop your own business that will bring in residual income and free up your time to use as you please?

Are you happy with where your life is headed?

After realizing I was not working toward something that was fulfilling for me, I decided to take my life’s direction into my own hands.

I started looking for ways to earn money working for myself. I wasn’t going to let the whims of others dictate how I set my goals anymore.

I chose to work for myself and start building an income stream that would depend on my hard work and dedication and not on how well my sector of the company was performing compared to other areas.

I started setting goals based on my personal desires not to meet requirements for my annual performance review or what society held as the best career path.

I am not going to tell you it was the easiest path to take or that everything worked out well from the beginning, but I can say that my life is far more fulfilling now and I am happier than I ever was working at a job.

So look at how your life is progressing and decide to start working toward a happier life and not just what others say is the best way to go.

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