Do you do what makes you happy

At some point in time, the word “work” became confused with the words “toil” and “misery”.

Your job does not have to be something you dislike doing.

You should be able to earn your wages doing something that brings you pleasure and fulfillment.

If your current position does not meet these criteria, what are you doing to change the situation?

Do you ever wonder how you ended up where you are?

Are you doing something that brings joy and satisfaction to your life daily?

Many of us start out in the working world doing jobs based on the recommendations of friends and family.

As a young adult, we took the information they provided as sound and believed they had our best interests in mind.

Some people also start a job thinking they will do this for a while until something better comes along. But they don’t bother to keep an eye out for anything else and remain in this “temporary” job for decades.

Whatever your situation may be, if you are not enjoying yourself in your current position, it’s time to look into ways to find a job you can enjoy.

Don’t worry about what “they” will say

Don’t feel that you have to do any job that does not bring you fulfillment and pleasure just because others expect you to do the job you are currently in.

It’s your life and you have the sole responsibility for making the most of it.

You have only to answer to yourself in the long run, and if you are making yourself miserable by doing your current job, then you are not doing others any favors by sticking with it.

Besides, those same people who may scoff at your choice of a new position, would probably say you were in your current job too long under other circumstances.

You will never please everybody else, so focus on pleasing yourself and making your life as enjoyable as you can.

Start by determining your options

There are many options available these days and more are opening up every day.

Take some time to think about the things you enjoy doing and possible ways to earn an income from those actions.

Do some research and see how other people have been able to do it to get some ideas.

Life is too short to be spending the majority of it doing things that you don’t enjoy.

Be creative and start today to get on the path toward fulfillment and happiness in what you do!

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