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Take Responsibility for Your Actions

When you Take Responsibility you get Ahead

You often hear people blaming their situation on outside events.

It is never their fault that things didn’t turn out right, it is always due to some outside factor or influence.

Don’t fall into this trap!

It is only you who can determine your outcome by taking responsibility for the actions that you choose.

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are afflictions making you wiser

It is easy to become discouraged when things don`t go our way.

This is why most people choose this course!

The harder and wiser thing to do is to analyse what really happened and learn from our setbacks.

Once we get into the habit of performing this duty, we will not become discouraged and have fewer setbacks to ponder.

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Are you a victim of the prevailing winds

You hear so many people making excuses as to why their lives are not the way they want them to be.

These excuses are always shifting the blame from themselves to some outside factor.

In reality, it is the choices we make at any point in our lives that determines where we end up.

It is no one’s fault but our own when things don’t work out.

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YOU are the one who controls who you become

Whatever it is you want to do with your life, start doing it today.

Use your free time to focus on finding ways to bring more of your passion into your life.

Do whatever you can to become more proficient at what you have chosen.

Before long, different ideas will come to you and doors will open that will lead you to your desired destination.

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YOU are in control of what YOU do

You can’t control everything in the world around you.

You can control your actions and what you choose to do on a daily basis though.

So always choose to do what you believe is right and give it your best at all times.

In the end, you will see all those seeds that you sowed blossom before you.

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Are you living YOUR life

It is impossible to please everyone.

You never truly know what someone else is thinking.

So why try to lead your life in a way you think is what someone else wants?

You can only be sure of your own thoughts and be sure of what pleases you.

So do what you want with your life and be happy, because it is the only life you have!

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The past cannot be cured

Many people spend their lives in the

They are always recounting what could
have been or what happened to them in
days gone by.

It is good from time to time to reminisce
about past events and to learn from them.

But don’t spend all your time dwelling on
what has happened. It is over and there
is nothing you can do to change the past.

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follow your heart to direct your life

People are more than happy to provide advice on just about anything.

Whenever you receive advice, consider the source before following the advice.

Is the person as successful as you wish to be?

Has the person done what you are attempting to do?

If not, don’t put too much faith into their counsel.

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