3 Success Steps For Running Your Business at Home

3 Success Steps For Running Your Business at Home

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By: Susan Boston



So many people are confused about how and what to do in an online business. It doesn’t even really matter what business you have chosen to do the plan is always the same.

First of all you: 1. watch all videos available,

2. Buy some ads or leads

3. Shared the business with groups, as well as others.

What next?

Repeat your steps 1 through 3 until your cost is all covered by your income after your costs are covered, the rest is your profit. If you keep doing steps 1 through 3 your profit will become much bigger than your cost.  When your income is bigger than your cost what you do is repeat steps 1 through 3 until you decide you have entirely too much money.

(Extra tip for you) 
Keep all the receipts you get on buying leads or anything connected with the business that you spend. You can claim your business on your income tax. This is a real business and you need to treat it as such.

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Stick to the “Plan”

Do not give up.


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