Making Money How It’s Done

Making Money~How It’s Done!

There are different ways to make money. At one point in time, there were three descriptions of workers.
  • White Collar
  • Blue Collar
  • Black Collar
 With the expansion and progress in the labor force, many others have been added, however, in the interest of keeping this simple, we will use the basic three. 
  1. The white-collar worker: This is the business person that can wear a white shirt to work and not have to change before going out at night. We are talking about the corporate office people, bankers, anyone working totally inside all day behind a desk. 
  2. The blue-collar worker is the manual labor most of the time on an hourly or commission type pay like piece work.
  3. The Black-collar worker is those that do what is known as manual labor. These people are found in the coal mines and oil-field work. The ditch diggers and all those that actually work with their hands, usually dirty and hard work.  

We all know people in each of these fields. Question is what collar do you want to wear, what kind of income do you want for yourself. Most would love the White-Collar job with high pay and easier work. Thing is back in the day, that job required (more than likely) colleges degrees, this has changed a lot over time with the coming of the internet and computers. 

Here’s the thing you can be a blue, black or even a white-collar worker for that matter wanting to work at home, on the beach or a cabin in the mountains. While you work the jobs you must work, you can work toward the life you really want! If you are ready to make a change for whatever reason in your life whether it’s more money, more time and travel leave me your name and email on this page under this post. I’ll be happy to help you.
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