A compensation plan that pays you
an unheard amount of 100% commissions
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Paying 100% Commissions
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  • Unlimited Width Frontline (Direct Referrals)
  • Unlimited Depth Powerline
  • 100% Direct Commissions On Month One
  • 50% Direct Commissions After Month One
  • 50% Matching Check Of Direct Referrals' Total Income Each And Every Month

100% Residual Commissions!*

First Month


Make 100% commissions of all your direct referrals in the first month

Following Months


After the first month, you make 50% of your direct referrals subscriptions and
a 50% matching check bonus of their total income

Here's How Our 50% Matching Check Powerline Pays You on Unlimited Depth

As an example, let's say your regular commissions are $1000 a month.

Plus, you will also collect a 50% Matching Check on all of your frontline's sales.

Let's say the total amount of sales made by your frontline is $1500. You would then collect 50%, or $750 of this total monthly.

That's $1000 in regular commissions plus $750 from your frontline for a total of $1750 a month!

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